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Shelter rooms

Due to the increased uncertainty in our world followed by safety concerns, we have been asked about shelters – where they are and how they work. On Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s (MSB) website, you can read more about shelters and their locations. 

A shelter is part of a building with reinforced walls and doors which can withstand blast waves from bombs as well as fire and debris from collapsing buildings. It has special ventilation and airlocks to minimize the impact of toxic gases.  

In Sweden, there are about 65 000 shelters with a total capacity of seven million people. They are located in different types of buildings, both residential and industrial. In peacetime, shelters are often used for other purposes such as storage, garage and bicycle rooms. In order to use them for other purposes, the requirement is that they can be emptied and made ready for shelter within 48 hours. 

The MSB website has a shelter map where you can find the shelter closest to your current location. You are free to use the one closest to you. 

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MSB’s shelter map