En kvinna och ett barn sitter på golvet på ett bibliotek, de läser en bok

We manage and develop educational infrastructure for future generations

At Nordiqus, we know the importance of local presence, profound know-how and strong relationships. We are one of the largest owners and operators of social infrastructure assets in the Nordic region.

Educational infrastructure

At Nordiqus we consider well-functioning educational facilities as an equally obvious part of the infrastructure as our streets and railroads. One of the characteristics of infrastructure is that it is unnoticeable in our surroundings until it one day doesn’t service us anymore or disappears. It is something that we have the privilege of taking for granted. This is exactly how we want others to look at our preschools, schools, and universities. They are reliable, well-functioning, and located where needed, when needed. We call this educational infrastructure!

A community builder with a long-term perspective

We are proud to be a driving force within social infrastructure and take our mission very seriously. In the areas where our assets are located, we have a long-term approach to ensure a stable and secure partnership for our customers.